Ear acupuncture can be one of the most effective ways to use acupuncture for weight loss. It is known as “Auricular Acupuncture” for weight-loss. The ear points are stimulated by using ear seeds (from the vacaria plant) which are taped to the points in order to stimulate the points for weight loss. Two of the most effective ear points are Shenmen and Point Zero. Shenmen is effective in the reduction of Stress and Anxiety and Point Zero is used for balance, fear, and decision making. The other weight-loss points concerned are the mouth, small intestine, endocrine point, spleen, thyroid gland and hunger points. The hunger points regulate appetite. Pressure is applied to the points every two hours (or, whenever the patient remembers). The points are also effective when the patient has a desire for food (in between meals).

When the points are stimulated, the endorphins kick in and induce a feeling of contentment and relaxation, thus causing distraction away from the food desires. Endorphins affect the hormonal and digestive systems to re-balance during the ear acupuncture. One of the reasons ear acupuncture works so well, is because of its proximity to the brain. The many ear acupuncture points help keep the appetite and cravings under control.